design excellence

DES’ recent project awards include:

Design Tech High School | AIA SMC/Sustainable San Mateo County, Green Building Award
Design Tech High School | Gold Nugget Award, Best Educational Project, Grand Award
Moffett Place Amenities | Gold Nugget Award, Best Special Use Project, Merit Award
Tech Workplace at 1330 Broadway | Gold Nugget Award, Best Interior Renovation Project, Merit Award

Central Plant Club | Gold Nugget Award, Best Rehab Project, Merit Award
Design Tech High School | Silicon Valley Business Journal (SVBJ) Best Education Project
Gilead B309 | AIA SMC/Sustainable San Mateo County, Green Building Award
Moffett Gateway Club | Gold Nugget Best Recreational Facility Merit Award
PacBio | Gold Nugget Best Rehab Project Merit Award
Summit Rancho Bernardo | San Diego Architectural Foundation Orchid Award


DES has designed more than 10 million square feet of sustainable design in the last five years.

As a contributor to the world’s built environment, we are committed to partnering with our clients to make environmentally responsible opportunities available during the design process. DES provides a holistic sustainable methodology to all our projects
through our integrated and multi-disciplinary approach.

Our proactive approach to sustainability integrates design, planning, and energy principles early on, so that our priorities are focused and project goals are clear. Key design factors when addressing the relationship of employee wellness to the built environment are: exercise, nutrition, water, sunshine, air and rest.

Workplaces should be welcoming, user friendly and ergo-appropriate. Environment affects behavior and behavior affects health. A process of organizing the work around the people is better than organizing the people around the work.

design and delivery

For any project, success depends on a unified team approach. Working together we create durable decisions, saving the project precious time and resources. Only through careful consideration can true consensus come about, as well as results that can withstand later second guessing.

At DES, we have 40 years of practice successfully managing projects thanks to who we are, how we work, and the projects we’ve completed. Our culture thrives on collaboration, initiative, innovation, and flexibility. These are many of the same qualities that make the Silicon Valley so special, along with the great entrepreneurial spirit that prevails. Additionally, we strive to understand the client. Through active listening, we get to know your business, what matters to you most. We’re also seasoned in obtaining buy off at every level. With vast knowledge of fast track projects, experience with the all cities up-and-down the bay, and a proven-track record in the Silicon Valley, DES can deliver the results you expect.

Thoughtful design. There is a moment when you "get it" - when the lines drawn reveal a great solution - that ah-ha moment after much listening and much sketching the space becomes what it was intended to be. It's very hard work really, with lots of reflection, iteration, and patience. Sometimes it comes easily, sometimes it takes an eternity - but there is need to fight for it...and not be satisfied with just a quick solution. This is our commitment.