Rico del Moral

Associate Principal | Senior Designer

As Associate Principal and Senior Designer, Rico is responsible for leading the design of all architecture projects. He approaches each project with a desire to explore a range of directions and bring fresh thinking free of preconceived notions. His goal is to elevate each project and take it somewhere different, and he accomplishes this by conceiving big ideas and developing a vision that shapes the overall design. Rico believes that architecture is appreciated both from a distance and up close, which is why he takes a hands-on approach from beginning to end, with an unwavering focus on carrying the vision through to the smallest details.

A true creative, Rico cultivates design thinking and pursues artistic endeavors inside and outside the office. At DES, he is the driving force behind the DES Sketchers club and actively participates in the photography group, Hot Shots. Rico spends his free time painting and woodworking, often finding inspiration in these crafts.