Tracy Wong


Associate Principal | Project Executive

Tracy is a firm believer in maximizing the potential of every individual. As Associate Principal, he puts this belief into action by spearheading project design and delivery while providing company leadership as well. When working on projects, he likes to engage with end users to comprehend their needs and motivations, all in service of creating impactful designs that best support them. Tracy finds interior projects—such as creative workplaces and health clinics—to be the most rewarding, as they provide hands-on impact. With over three decades of experience at the firm, Tracy embodies the DES way and brings an inclusive approach to his work. 

Driven by his deep interest in people, Tracy leads human resource management and supports recruitment efforts. He strives to cultivate a workplace culture where employees can be themselves, explore new opportunities, and achieve professional growth. Tracy is known for his ability to connect with individuals, fostering meaningful relationships that extend far beyond the workplace.